What Happens to your Tires?

Manitoba’s end-of-life tire recycling program operated by Tire Stewardship 
Manitoba includes the following main elements:   

  • Steward-fee based revenue system to make the program financially viable.
  • Varying steward-fees according to tire type to avoid cross-subsidization.
  • Tire Stewardship Manitoba collection of steward-fees directly from tire retailers.
  • Collecting and recycling of all tires and tubes.
  • Board governance representing industry stewards. 

How It Works

Steward-Fee to End Products 

For every new tire sold end-of-life tire will eventually be generated. Rather than taking up space in our landfills and posing a risk to human health and the environment, end-of-life tires are processed and used in environmentally responsible ways. 

To manage end-of-life tires generated in Manitoba, the retailer pays TSM a steward-fee for new tires sold in the province. 100% of fees collected go towards the operation of the end-of-life tire recycling program. Properly managed end-of-life tires reduce environmental risk and create jobs and economic development in Manitoba. 

Manitoba’s end-of-life tire products are sold locally and internationally. End-of-life tires can be used to make flooring products for agricultural, recreational, and industrial use. They are used for artificial turf fields, rubberized asphalt, blast mats, geo-technical projects, energy recovery and other applications.

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TSM has had its tire stewardship program approved by Manitoba Government in accordance with The Tire Stewardship Regulation, 2006. TSM is accountable to its stakeholders and the public for the collection, processing and environmentally sound management of all end-of-life tires designated under the regulation. TSM collects a steward-fee on the sale of new tires from the retailer. These fees are used to pay for transporting and recycling Manitoba’s end-of-life tires, so that these tires are managed in an environmentally responsible manner. All of the steward-fees collected are used in the operation and enhancement of the tire recycling program for Manitoba.

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