In 2020 Tire Stewardship Manitoba launched its first online survey to create awareness around the tire recycling program in Manitoba, along with educating consumers on tire safety and what happens to their end-of-life tires. 

People who completed this survey were entered to win one of four portable 12V multi-function air-compressors.  One of two Bicycles, or One set of four new passenger/light truck tires supplied and installed by a TSM registered Manitoba Tire Dealer!

2021 Tire Stewardship Manitoba Giveaway launches September 13, 2021

Enter to win! 

2021 Survey commenced October 22,2021 

The 2021 Survey Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Larry Beston, Whitehead MB won a set of 4 new tires up to value of $1,500.00.

Second Prize Winners
The following two lucky winners won one of two bicycles maximum value $300
David  Kryschuk, Pinawa MB
Art Wiebe, Carberry MB

Third Prize Winners

The following lucky winners won one of five 12 Volt Programmable Air Compressor
Cheryl Crowley, Winnipeg MB
Bob Feniuk, Winnipeg MB
Jason Jackson, Winnipeg MB
Paul Shokpeka, Winnipeg MB
Justis Bettof, Woodlands MB

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