Manitoba’s tire recycling program operated by Tire Stewardship Manitoba includes the following main elements:

  • Steward-fee based revenue system to make the program financially viable.
  • Varying steward-fees according to tire type to avoid cross-subsidization.
  • Tire Stewardship Manitoba collection of steward-fees directly from tire retailers.
  • Collecting and recycling of all tires and tubes. 
  • Board governance representing industry stewards.

How it Works: steward-fee to End Products

For every new tire sold an end-of-life tire will eventually be generated. Rather than taking up space in our landfills and posing a risk to human health and the environment, end-of-life tires are processed and used in environmentally responsible ways. To manage end-of-life tires generated in Manitoba, the retailer pays TSM a steward-fee for new tires sold in the province. 100% of fees collected go towards the operation of the tire recycling program.

Properly managed end-of-life tires reduce environmental risk and create jobs and economic development in Manitoba. Manitoba’s recycled tire products are sold locally and internationally. End-of-life tires can be used to make flooring products for agricultural, recreational and industrial use. They are used for artificial turf fields, rubberized asphalt, blast mats, geo-technical projects, energy recovery and other applications.


Passenger Tires, Small RV Tires and Light Truck Tires
Steward-Fee $4.00 + GST & PST

Medium Truck Tires
Steward-Fee $14.00 + GST & PST

Large Farm / Ag Tires
Steward-Fee $30.00 + GST & PST

Small Off-the-Road
Steward-Fee $60.00 + GST & PST

Large Off-the-Road
Steward-Fee $135.00 + GST & PST

  See Schedule A for complete steward-fee definitions.   


New Tire Steward-fees

If RST applies on a sale of tires, the steward-fee will also be subject to tax. However, if the tires can be purchased RST exempt (such as by a tire retailer for the purposes of resale or by a farmer for qualifying exempt agricultural equipment), no RST applies on the steward fee.

For further information please contact:

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