Industry looks to innovation to recycle, manage growth of tires.

Tire Stewardship Manitoba (TSM) has added a second tire recycler to the province. A Manitoba based company Engineered Rubber Aggregate Corporation (ERA) plans to use innovative solutions for reaching local markets with their rubber aggregate products.


ERA President Peter Schroedter says his new company “approached TSM with a plan supporting rural and northern areas using engineered rubber aggregate from Manitoba tires that reduces environmental impacts and lowers the cost of building better roads for communities.”


Schroedter, who has two decades of recycling industry experience in the province says the ERA product line also offers “a new type of lightweight synthetic backfill for superior results in residential and commercial building construction”.


Industry focus on local markets is “better for the environment and better for Manitoba”, states TSM CEO Brett Eckstein. ERA will join the province’s main recycler Reliable Tire Recycling (RTR) as a registered processor, and according to Eckstein, “help take on the growing task of recycling over 2 million tires each year, an increase from 1.2 million tires in the province a decade ago”.


In addition to rubber aggregate, the program supports the collection, processing, and recycling of tires into crumb rubber, fabricated and manufactured products that currently produces 50 fulltime jobs and over $9 Million yearly in direct economic activity in the province.


About Tire Stewardship Manitoba

Tire Stewardship Manitoba (TSM) is a nonprofit corporation formed to manage the end-of-life tire recycling program on behalf of tire sellers in Manitoba. It is committed to protection of the earth’s environment and promotion of economic benefit for Manitoba through the sustainable management of all tires and tubes in Manitoba. The industry organization replaced the government’s Tire Stewardship Board in April 2008.


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